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Woman wearing the Seleste Glasses walking in a park looking confident and independent.

Unlock Opportunity

Smart glasses for people with vision loss.

We're here to revolutionize assistive technology.

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Photo of the Seleste Glasses showing the sleek design

Designed to meet your needs

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Centered Camera

Our camera is built right into the frames of the glasses with zero added bulk. With a centred wide-angle camera, you’ll capture exactly what you want with ease.  

Text Reader

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Using our autofocus camera you can read anything - from small text on a food wrapper to billboards across the street.

Video calling icon

Hands-Free Video Calling

Share exactly what you're looking at while video calling with friends, family or sighted volunteers. Using our glasses will free up an extra hand while on the go, so you can comfortably hold a leash, a cane, grocery bags, and more.

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Modern Design

Our unisex glasses have a sleek black frame with no bulky attachments, so you can wear pair of innovative and functional smart glasses — that also look great!

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Built-In Headphones

Equipped with speakers our glasses offer a seamless audio experience so you can make calls, utilize AI features, and listen to music through the glasses.

Scene Description

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Navigate the world around you with scene description and easily find and identify objects with our object recognition functionality.

Pattern made up of repeated Seleste logo
Image of an older man wearing the Seleste glasses while reading a book in a library

We have worked hard to create a product that is affordable without compromising on quality or design.

Our mission is to empower people with vision loss to live confident, independent, and connected lives.

A man on stage wearing the Seleste Glasses, giving a presentation to a room of people
The voices who back up Seleste
"I love the idea of being able to use the glasses at an art gallery or a museum"


We are collaborators

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