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Seleste aims to make people significantly more efficient and give them back control over their lives. 
Using our built-in speaker and 8 Mega Pixel autofocus camera our glasses allow you to read everything from a book to the large sign down the road. We also have an openAI-enabled scene description that can describe your surroundings in detail. Most importantly we have a smart assistant called ELA that you can ask questions about virtually anything in front of you like "What cards am I holding?", "what do the flowers in this bouquet look like?" or "Can you read me the vegetarian options on this menu?". ELA can even describe the world as you move around. For example, you can ask it to describe the art as you walk around a gallery and then spend the next two hours exploring an Art Gallery! Or ask it to tell you what stores you walk by as you walk around a mall or what products you're holding while you grocery shop or even ask it to look for your wallet as you walk around your house.

We're fundamentally changing what people think smart glasses and assistive technology are capable of. 


The glasses work by connecting to your phone's Bluetooth and wifi or hotspot so you can use the glasses at home and outside. 
Currently, the glasses only work with an iPhone, we plan to add Android in the future.
You can control the glasses using our app, the buttons on the glasses or through voice commands.

Designed to meet your needs

Pattern made up of repeated Seleste logo
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