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Currently, the glasses only work with an iPhone, we plan to add android in the future.
Seleste aims to make people significantly more efficent and give them back control over their life. 
Using our built-in speaker and 8 Mega Pixel autofocus camera our glasses allow you to read everything from a book to the large sign down the road. We also have openAI enabled scene description that can describe your surroundings in detail. Most importantly we have a smart assistant called ELA that you can ask questions about virtually anything in front of you like "what do the flowers in this bouquet look like?" or "Can you read me the vegetarian options on this menu?". ELA can even describe the world as you move around. For example you can ask it to describe the art as you walk around a gallery or ask it to tell you what stores you walk by as you walk around a mall or even ask it to look for your wallet as you walk around your house.


The glasses work by connecting to your phone's bluetooth and wifi or hotspot so you can use the glasses at home and outside. 

You can control the glasses using our app, the buttons on the glasses or through voice commands. 

The glasses are 47mm (1.85 inches) tall x 150mm (5.9 inches) wide x 166mm (6.53 inches) long. The glasses fit for most people but if they don't fit you have a 30 day free refund.

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Seleste Smart Glasses

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You can cancel the $49 USD monthly subscription at anytime and if you decide you don't want the glasses within 30 days we'll refund everything except the shipping cost to and from. Glasses may take a month to ship.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the Subscription last?

    The monthly subscription for our glasses is continuous, similar to other subscriptions like Netflix. With the subscription you get free weekly software upgrades, free hardware upgrades whenever the newest hardware comes out and a warranty on the glasses. 

    Can you ship the glasses internationally?

    Yes! Within Canada, America, the UK and Australia you can order the glasses directly from our website. If you live outside of one of those areas send an email to and we still may be able to ship you the glasses

    What lenses do the glasses come with and can I put in perscriptions?

    The glasses come in clear, black-tinted lenses or blue reflective lenses. You can also put prescription lenses or specialty lenses into the glasses yourself by taking them to an optometrist and asking them to put in the lenses you want. 

    How does Warranty and Returns work?

    We have yet to have a single case of the glasses breaking so far but in the rare case the glasses do break you can get one pair for free per year. You can return the glasses at any time, there is no commitment on the subscription. If you decide to return the glasses within the first 30 days we will refund the upfront payment and the first month's subscription.

    How do you setup the Glasses?

    The glasses connect to the Seleste app on your phone. On the app, we have a guided setup process as well as a page with instructions on how to use the glasses. The glasses connect to your phone's Bluetooth and either wifi or your phone's hotspot. Once the glasses are connected the app doesn't need to be open and you can use the glasses with your phone in your pocket.

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